What Are The Ethical Ways Of Boosting Followers On Facebook?

I have come around a lot of people asking me help them build their followers on social networking sites such as facebook etc. or give an idea or so. The only advice I gave every time I heard this question was not to buy facebook followers from tempting online marketing agencies who often propose many lucrative business offers. 

Ethics & Transparency

However, I must also stress that there are a ton of other ways to secure a good fan following on social networking websites. These methods are opposed to strategies resorting to buy instagram likes which advocate gaining followers through ethical and transparent means.

Useful tips

I have particularly found these methods particularly useful:

  • You should always invite relevant users to your page. This helps in targeting people who are really interested in your content.
  • You should promote your facebook page on your website and other social networking platforms.
  • I have often seen people investing in facebook ads. These ads are great ways to reach random users with same interests.
  • The most important way to secure a good following is to keep your content as concise and meaningful as possible.


In the end, only transparency and ethical advertisement strategies can help you actually boost your social media following. Hence, you must not buy facebook followers in sheer desperation.

Why Do Commercial Firms Buy Facebook Followers?

Most commercial firms, nowadays, have a facebook page dedicated to them in order to access, exhibit and interact with potential online customers. When such companies employ marketing strategies on social media, people often judge their credibility and genuineness from parameters such as page Likes and Followers. This prompts new companies to buy facebook followers in order to attract customer attention and establish a potentially trust worthy image. 

Reach more customers effectively

In this age of severe market competition, it has become absolutely necessary for commercial firms to reach their targeted customers as fast and as efficiently as possible. Latest market surveys and media trends reveal that a huge chunk of the population, mostly aged between 16-35 years, spends its maximum amount of time on social networking sites such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

Advertisement through marketing agencies

Therefore, such networking websites serve as a potentially important platform for firms to market the products and services provided by them. In order to attract public attention towards them, most firms employ various social network marketing strategies developed and implemented by social media marketing agencies hired by the company.

Buying social media followers

These marketing agencies help the companies to buy facebook follower & subscribers for creating and establishing an initial base of customers. This count is further amplified by recommendations through the suggestion tool developed by facebook. The marketing strategy is based on the analogy that a large number of followers or subscribers tempts others to follow and subscribe as well due to the apparent trust worthy image created in the eyes of customers.

Advantages of followers and subscribers

I would rather stress that it is important to understand the relevance and necessity of a follower base because it allows the firm to keep in touch with its customers by relaying any development in goods and services offered by the company. To buy facebook followers may be the only initial marketing option for a new company which cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money on more direct forms of advertisement.

What Are The Consequences Of Fake Facebook Followers?

Recently, while I was analyzing the effect of social media campaigning on the revenue generated by firms, I stumbled across some interesting facts that companies usually try to hide from their customers. This includes boosting company credibility by resorting to strategies which advise them to buy facebook followers. 

Misleading advertisement

Reputed commercial firms are becoming increasingly active on social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc. to reach more potential customers and widen their marketing sphere. However, in the process such firms make use of misleading advertisement strategies such as to buying facebook follower for creating false impression of trust in eyes of their customers.

Purchase followers

Purchasing fake social media subscribers is advocated and proposed by various agencies which increase initial customer base of companies by delivering page likes and subscribers from a pool of active account holders in exchange for money. These people may or may not have anything to do with the client’s services but help in establishing a fake trustful image of the client.


In the case that I was analyzing, it appeared that the client had purposely bought a fake facebook following as getting a few thousand followers in merely two days was virtually impossible. This is easily apparent to any consumer; with increasing awareness about such methods consumers are becoming smart by avoiding such fraudulent companies. Therefore companies should not resort to buy facebook followers and hence stick to customer transparency.

How To Buy Facebook Followers?

According to the recent trends that I have analyzed, given the huge competition in market, commercial firms now focus more on social media campaigning (for example, to buy facebook followers etc.) thus spending a considerable amount of their money on online advertisement especially for creating social networking profiles such as on facebook, twitter, instagram etc. 

Importance of online marketing agencies

These profiles are often created and managed by online marketing agencies which help firms in devising their campaign strategies. Such strategies are aimed at increasing potential web traffic towards the client’s social media profile.

Strategies and implementation

Most agencies advise new companies to buy facebook follower for building and establishing an initial base of customers that serves as a sign of credibility and genuineness. I have witnessed that online marketing brings about a considerable amount of revenue for client firms for the nominal fee charged. Many marketing agencies provide attractive offers to firms for buying social media followers.

Reputed marketing agencies and authentic followers

However, to buy facebook followers, the company needs to provide the agency with the correct and unique facebook id. The agency then uses its connectivity to a large customer base for securing subscribers for its client. However, one should note that a reputed marketing firm always employs users with authentic facebook accounts as subscribers.